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Based on 29 reviews
Amazing Product even more amazing company!

Top-notch combination of natural ingredients in this product will leave your beard very easy to manage and it even smells great. Do yourself a favor and get you some today! You can thank me later.

Duuuuuuuuddeeee…I LOVE this beard oil!!! It has been working wonders and with the Argon Oil, it really protects my beard when using my beard straightener!!! The moisturizer is amazing as well, I just haven’t used it as much and not as the instructions because my normal process is to shave and then shower lol but it does amazing after the shower as well 🤣 Make the jump, dump the other stuff and rock on with SkullEase!!!

This is the beard oil you want

Toss out any other beard oils you have, I did! Most beard oils are half tea tree oil and give me migraines. Not this beard oil from SkullEase!

This stuff smells fantastic. It's a subtle orange with a hint of the other oils in there - far from overpowering. Let those weirdos with the mustaches do the obnoxious smell thing with their obnoxious facial hair!

The last thing to mention, the packaging is on point! Very premium feel to the box and the bottle. The bottle is a good size, so I imagine this is going to last me a long time.

I highly recommend this stuff, my beard looks and feels great! Treat your beard, man!

New Shaver Heads

Just received the replacement shaver heads and they’re awesome. Should have replaced them sooner.

Amazing Customer Service

Customer Service is absolutely outstanding!! The head shaver/other products go hand in hand with the customer service! Thanks for great products at such a great price!!

Great Shave

After researching the multitude of head shavers on line I settled on the Skullease. I had never used an electric shaver before so it took a bit to get used to the difference from a razor. The shaver is convenient and does a good job on my head and face, wet or dry. The shave soap is a good quality and I am happy with my purchase I think you will be too.

The best ever

Works like new!

Didn’t realize my old head was dull. The replacement head installed and it’s shaving like butter again.

Not yet receved

I still havent received the item.

Hello Robert! International shipments take longer than we would like! We apologize for this. We just tracked the order and it says it arrived at your local facility as of today. You should have the package in the next couple of days!

Great shaver

Gives a great shave. Was a little doubtful but I really enjoy this shaver. A lot easier than a razor and almost as close.

A very pleasant surprise

I’ve struggled to shave my head for years and gone through a few trimmers. None of which did anything for me. I was expecting this to join those ranks, but instead it actually shaved my head. Makes trimming a more relaxed activity than I don’t dread.

Great company

I bought skullease after trying different shavers, and chose skullease because of the subscription plan with new blades. It works great, but on top of that my first shipment come with a personal note thanking me for my purchase and a free brush and shave soap, something I wanted to try. Those little touches mean a lot. Great product, and great company.


clean, close, comfortable shave. very easy to use. fast shipping, should have done this long ago. hair is vastly overrated. now that I have joined baldie nation, I’m seeing heads in a whole new light! never going back!

Great Product, Even Better Service!

Product works even better than advertised. Reach out with questions and received responses in minutes. Product came with hand written note as well. Couldn’t recommend more.

Killer Product!

Initially I had a couple questions and asked them on Facebook. At 11:30pm. On a Thursday. I'm not saying everyone should do that but I did and got a very friendly response/answer. So I pulled the pin and placed my order. It's the following Monday and it arrived before my coffee could kick in this morning. I had to try it out so I did a quick dry shave on the side of my head to see how it felt and looked. I was surprised how tight a shave it was. But the real test for me was the wet shave. Blew me away! Did a great job, my head is shiny and smooth and the orange lather smells awesome! When I was done, I lathered up and went again because I had a little growth going and didn't want to be patchy. It does an excellent job trapping hair and rinses easy. If you're on the fence, just go for it. I feel so much better about taking the leap into Baldie Canyon because this shaver is the perfect parachute!


I have been shaving my head off and on for a few years. I had never used an electric shaver until now. I have gone from shaving every 2-3 days to every day. I have already recommended to a few people I work with.

Works great, but paint comes off

I got this for my husband at his request. He is very happy with the performance, however the silver finish started coming off the handle during the first use. His head looked like a disco ball every time he used it! Now that all the paint has come off, it’s fine. Just something to be aware of!

Just awesome!

After shaving my head with a normal razor for well over 20 years, I decided to venture into the electric razors. They all seemed so expensive and was overwhelmed by the information that was given. I need straight to the point answers. I came across Skull Ease and checked out the site. Easy to follow and the price was great! So I decided to get it with a subscription for reoccurring blade replacement. Shipping time was good and packaging was strong. After waiting a few days, I used it. I still have just about a full head of hair and it’s coarse. It looked good and I was surprised at the closeness I had. Over the next few days, I used the shave cream and brush. It does give a closer shave. So, if you have a few extra minutes, definitely use the shave soap. It’s not as thick as normal wet shaving soap, so the blades do not get clogged. Note…zero razor burn wet or dry shaving!!
I must say this…I am huge on customer service. I did not know how to remove the center blade and wrote the Facebook page about an issue. Then wrote a question on the Instagram page. Both were answered promptly and thoroughly. So, the customer service is a A++!! So if you are looking to make the switch to electric or need something new, GET THIS!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!

Bald is beautiful

This shaver makes being bald way easier. It can easily be a everyday shaver without razor burn or any irritation. Great product and great customer service.

It’s awesome!! Works great!! Baldie sent me message and he’s right I love it! I very highly recommend!!! It’s more than 5 stars

You bald my guy? BUY THIS.

I thought I would wait a couple months before a gave an honest review. I’ve been looking for a tool like this. I’ll start of by saying that I really like this product. I think it is extremely convenient and I think most guys who shave their head should own one of these. It takes away the hassle of the typical shave process. For example, I was waiting for this to come in and I was just about to leave on a 5-hour drive when I received this. I opened it up and tried it on the road. Worked great! It’s a tool that you have to use daily whereas if you use a razor, you might be able to get away with shaving every 2-3 days.
What sold me on making the purchase is who I believe is the guy who owns the company. I’ve saw multiple videos of people using a device like this. What I always saw was people would be using it, yet they had no hair whatsoever or “stubble.” Seemed like a scam. But I saw a video of this guy using it and like me, after a couple days he had some stubble and I saw the shaver actually working. That’s what sold me and honestly, I’m going to buy one for my dad and I usually tell my friends about this product as well.
So, I really like this product, so why the 4 stars? Well, honestly, I would rate it closer to 4 stars. Here is my reasoning.
1. Since I have never used this, I wanted to make sure I did everything correctly. So, I read the directions, and I felt like they weren’t worded in the best way possible. Maybe I’m an idiot but they were a little confusing. The directions also had extremely small print and for having pictures to show you how to use it, they were so small they seemed to be almost pointless. I would just revise the directions and make them a larger font.
2. After reading the little book, I noticed what was supposed to come with my purchase and it seemed like I didn’t receive 2 of the attachments? I could be wrong, but it was supposed to come with a scalp massager and a face cleaner attachment?
3. The little piece in the middle gets annoying sometimes when you have to clean it. I had to take apart my sink a couple times to fish it out, but I don’t know if there’s anything that you can do about that. It’s a necessary piece.
4. There is a lot of pieces that comes with this kit. It’d be nice to have a travel bag to hold everything. I just have a bunch of pieces laying in a basket. I wouldn’t mind paying an extra $5 or so to have one.
5. I don’t know how true the charge indicator is. One morning I woke up for work and it said I had a 24% charge. I figured that would be good for this shave and then Ill put it on the charger when I get home. I started my shave and not even 1 minute in, it turns off because of a dead battery. So, all day I walked around with a 1/3 shaved head.
SO, these things aren’t the biggest deal. Obviously, it’s good enough of a product that I’m recommending it to people. So, what do I like about?
1. Like I said, it’s very convenient.
2. Provides a nice shave. Not better than an against the grain shave but a little better than a shave with a razor if you went with the grain on your head. Which I think is damn nice. For the mess and time you save, it provides great value.
3. Doesn’t tear your skin up and gives smooth clean shave
4. Comes with useful attachments

Bottom line, I highly recommend buying this.


Bought this for hubs for Christmas & he loves it! Said, “it’s T!TS!!”

Works great. Highly recommend.

SkullEase Premium Head Shaver
Christina Colistro
Wifey Approved

My husband said it’s so much faster than using a blade. It usually takes him about 10 minutes to finish his routine, as I wait so patiently to use the bathroom next! With this product, he was done within just a few minutes. Most the time he shaves, he gets knicks and cuts on his head, this doesn’t even cut the mole on his head. Most importantly for all you ladies out there, there is NO MORE MESS on the sink for you to clean up. The tiny little hairs that ended up everywhere are gone!! Shaver works amazing with skullease head shave cream and has lasted for so long.

Praise Be for this Product!

I bought both the shaving cream and head shaver for my husband. He’s been complaining about his scalp getting dry and flaky, especially in the winter so I thought he would enjoy trying something new. After he used it for the FIRST time, he was RAVING about it. Usually he never says anything about stuff like this, but he couldn’t stop talking about how much better his shave was with this shaving cream. His head is smoother than I’ve ever seen it, and no more flakes! He didn’t even need to use lotion after which makes his head greasy and shinny. The shaving cream also smells great!! If only I could find it in female products.

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