In early 2020, the founder of SkullEase was just another guy with a bald spot. He had fought it for years. You know the deal... what haircut hides it best? What hat looks the best so people won't know? Do people notice the bald spot anyway?

One day, he gave up on the senseless fight and decided it was time to shave his head! He readied himself and had his 6 year old son take the first swipe with clippers right down the middle of his head. NO TURNING BACK NOW! He proceeded to use his everyday shaving cream that had worked well on his neck for years. Sadly, it turned out the shaving cream he loved so much for neck shaving dried his scalp out leaving it dry, itchy and flaky. He tried several other shaving creams with the same result. He loved his new look (as did everyone that knew him) but the flakes and itchiness drove him crazy! A lightbulb turned on in his newly bald head and he knew there had to be a better way! After 9 months testing different formulations on himself and all his bald friends, and finally finding the perfect mix, SkullEase Head Shave Cream was born!

It turns out your scalp and head hair is VERY different than your neck and beard hair. Like many things, similar-but-different objectives requires different tools! Why do you think women have 37 different products for different parts of their faces? The same goes for our beards and bald heads! SkullEase is developed SPECIFICALLY for your head with the soul-purpose of providing the best head shave you can get! Once you use it, you will see and feel the difference immediately!   

SkullEase now offers more than just the Head Shaving Cream! We have also created the best Electric Head Shaver on the market, the SkullEase Premium Head Shaver. UV Protective Boonie Hats are also now available to keep your bald head safe from the harmful rays of the sun! 

We can promise you one thing... Bald is our Business!