Head Shaving Cream and Brush Set


Treat your skull with some dignity! The shaving cream you use on your neck just isn’t cut out for your head! You wonder why women have 37 different products for their face alone? It’s because different parts of your body require different products! We’ll bet you our 30 day money back guarantee that our Premium Head Shaving Cream becomes your go-to after the first use! Did we mention that the badger brush application feels amazing?

-Includes 3.5oz Head Shaving Cream and Tough Badger Brush

-Industrial Orange Scent (partner approved!)

-Designed to reduce nicks, irritation and dryness, leaves scalp refreshed

-Designed for use with SkullEase Electric Head Shaver

-Will not clog up electric shaver heads, lubricates blades to keep them sharp

-Works great with blade razors as well

-3-6 month supply per tin

-Tough Badger Brush included for easy application

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    Customer Reviews

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    Matt Rehnstrom
    New Shaver Heads

    Just received the replacement shaver heads and they’re awesome. Should have replaced them sooner.

    Killer Product!

    Initially I had a couple questions and asked them on Facebook. At 11:30pm. On a Thursday. I'm not saying everyone should do that but I did and got a very friendly response/answer. So I pulled the pin and placed my order. It's the following Monday and it arrived before my coffee could kick in this morning. I had to try it out so I did a quick dry shave on the side of my head to see how it felt and looked. I was surprised how tight a shave it was. But the real test for me was the wet shave. Blew me away! Did a great job, my head is shiny and smooth and the orange lather smells awesome! When I was done, I lathered up and went again because I had a little growth going and didn't want to be patchy. It does an excellent job trapping hair and rinses easy. If you're on the fence, just go for it. I feel so much better about taking the leap into Baldie Canyon because this shaver is the perfect parachute!

    Christina Colistro
    Praise Be for this Product!

    I bought both the shaving cream and head shaver for my husband. He’s been complaining about his scalp getting dry and flaky, especially in the winter so I thought he would enjoy trying something new. After he used it for the FIRST time, he was RAVING about it. Usually he never says anything about stuff like this, but he couldn’t stop talking about how much better his shave was with this shaving cream. His head is smoother than I’ve ever seen it, and no more flakes! He didn’t even need to use lotion after which makes his head greasy and shinny. The shaving cream also smells great!! If only I could find it in female products.

    Matt Rehnstrom

    This stuff changed the way I shave my head. It's not a shaving cream or a lotion and it doesn't get everywhere. It took me from shaving every 3-4 days to almost every day because of how smooth it leaves my head. It rinses easy and doesn't leave a residue on my head. The smell is mild and pleasing. It also comes with the brush for applying it which works great.
    I'll continue to buy more. Thanks

    Brandon Maus

    The shaving cream doesn't smell like cheap chemicals but instead like you opened the door to a citrus grove in spring time. While the badger brush is a magical head massage as if your scalp is being playfully danced on by miniature fairies.